Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Healing Prostate Cancer

"I'm a 52-year-old man in reasonably good health (5-11, 165 pounds). However, in June, I received a diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer. A biopsy (15 slivers) turned up positive in each case, with a Gleason score of nine, which in medical terms is not good. In fact, it's downright horrible. An ensuing bone scan turned up hot spots at the base of my neck, low back and rib cage. Needless to say, this diagnosis shook my otherwise happy middle-class world. Although it took a while to adjust to this news emotionally, my wife and I immediately decided not to be victims.

Fortunately, I was introduced to Kathy Oddenino, who has been a true inspiration and help to me. Kathy did Neural Depolarization (NDP) on me once a week for 5 weeks, then every other week for a few more sessions. She provided detailed information about cell regeneration, and how enzymes, nourishment and hydration affect the cells. Kathy strongly encouraged me to change my diet. She promoted a totally organic diet of raw fruits and vegetables, to provide the needed nourishment to the cells, while adding the necessary supplements to my intake to provide the enzymes and minerals the human body needs to maintain total health. She introduced me to Apollinaris mineral water, which is now the only water I drink. She explained the body's need to de-tox from the harmful chemicals which we accumulate throughout our typical daily existence, through pesticides and a whole host of other toxins.

With Kathy's soothing advice we went on the offensive with daily prayer and meditation; replacing rather bad eating habits with an all organic fruits/vegetables/grains/nuts/seeds diet; daily exercise; and lots of supplements. We contacted every prayer group we could find, locally and throughout the country. Initially, the doctors were not very encouraging. Several of them insinuated that I shouldn't bother buying any magazine subscriptions. But, miraculously, my PSA began to drop. It dropped drastically in the first month, from 48 to .9, then another drop to .07 in the second month, and another drastic drop to .03 the third month! This is exactly the number doctors wanted me to reach! I am so thankful for Kathy's guidance, advice and NDP treatments. We now have hope and encouragement, and without the changes in our lifestyle, I do not believe we would have achieved the same results.

I believe Kathy Oddenino is a remarkable woman who helps people heal themselves. She has enormous insight into how the human body works. I'm happy she came into my life when she did."

C.C., Apex, NC