Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pain-Free from 23 years of chronic sciatic problem

A medical doctor gave me until June of 2005 before planning exploratory surgery from chronic pain from the waist down. It had spread and increased in intensity over a year and a half. In April of 2005, with no healing in sight, my husband offered to drive me to Pittsboro for the first time to meet with Kathy. Kathy’s work on the nervous system with NDP and her Spiritual Philosophy, to support the NDP, warded off the impending surgery. Over the next year, Kathy helped me to uncover the cause of the physical, emotional and spiritual problem that stemmed from an accident in 1983. She helped me spiritually and philosophically,too, with other concerns that had been holding my body in fear. In just over a year’s time, I became pain free from 23 years of a chronic sciatic problem that had gone awry and that had expanded into other areas of my nervous system. I have also continued to learn about the way we really are created and have made changes to support this new philosophy. I am beyond grateful to Kathy for all of her loving work with me and to Margaret for her continued loving kindness during this process. Just entering their space in Pittsboro exudes love and integrity. I continually speak of Kathy’s work in hopes that a practitioner will study with Kathy and bring her trademark technique, NDP, along with her Spiritual Philosophy, to the Charlotte area of North Carolina.

Gilda S.