Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shifting the Mind into Love

It is time for my last seminar of the year! (The next time we get together for a seminar, our country will have a new president!) This seminar is on Shifting the Mind into Love.

Living our love is an opportunity to see the beauty and magic that lives in every human being. Imagine what our world would be like if we loved ourselves and all other people from the energy of our loving emotions. Once we recognize that our loving emotions far surpass our fear emotions, we will find the strength within us to shift from fear to love as our eternal emotions, which we will use to interact with other people. This is vital to our growth because it shows us that we have shifted from our external Dual Soul thinking mind to our internal Dual Soul loving emotions. For our Dual Soul this is a dramatic shift in our energy that controls our daily behaviors in our relationships. This negotiates our Dual Soul change from the external focus of "sex" (matter) to the internal focus of love (energy). Learning how to live our loving emotions is a major change for us as human beings, and it is vital to changing our concept of self and to understanding the trinity of our brain and the Dual Soul that we are living.

This change is is desperately needed in our world today, and we are each responsible for creating positive or negative energy in the world. Once we stabilize our internal love, we begin to recognize the value of our relationships as human beings, which keeps us from fighting wars on any level. Visit my web site for more info. on the seminar.

Monday, October 6, 2008

NDP and Glaucoma

I have thought about this many times with much gratitude for the help that Kathy Oddenino gave me when my eye doctor said I had glaucoma and my right eye was already partially blind.

Kathy told me that she could help me keep from going blind from glaucoma. As I am an avid reader and a strong movie buff, this was music to my ears because the news from the doctor had put me in a panic thinking about the possible loss of eyesight.

I had to accept the possibility of this happening. However, after consulting with Kathy, I felt assured that this could be positively changed.

On several NDP sessions with Kathy, I could feel an immediate effect on my eyes. By having these NDP treatments with Kathy, the progression of the eye disease has been halted.

I can handle all of my daily activities and read as I like. I have been able to avoid more serious problems. I sleep well and feel comforted that Kathy Oddenino has the knowledge and the skill to promote healthy eyes.

Yours truly, Grace Thomas