Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Healing Prostate Cancer

"I'm a 52-year-old man in reasonably good health (5-11, 165 pounds). However, in June, I received a diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer. A biopsy (15 slivers) turned up positive in each case, with a Gleason score of nine, which in medical terms is not good. In fact, it's downright horrible. An ensuing bone scan turned up hot spots at the base of my neck, low back and rib cage. Needless to say, this diagnosis shook my otherwise happy middle-class world. Although it took a while to adjust to this news emotionally, my wife and I immediately decided not to be victims.

Fortunately, I was introduced to Kathy Oddenino, who has been a true inspiration and help to me. Kathy did Neural Depolarization (NDP) on me once a week for 5 weeks, then every other week for a few more sessions. She provided detailed information about cell regeneration, and how enzymes, nourishment and hydration affect the cells. Kathy strongly encouraged me to change my diet. She promoted a totally organic diet of raw fruits and vegetables, to provide the needed nourishment to the cells, while adding the necessary supplements to my intake to provide the enzymes and minerals the human body needs to maintain total health. She introduced me to Apollinaris mineral water, which is now the only water I drink. She explained the body's need to de-tox from the harmful chemicals which we accumulate throughout our typical daily existence, through pesticides and a whole host of other toxins.

With Kathy's soothing advice we went on the offensive with daily prayer and meditation; replacing rather bad eating habits with an all organic fruits/vegetables/grains/nuts/seeds diet; daily exercise; and lots of supplements. We contacted every prayer group we could find, locally and throughout the country. Initially, the doctors were not very encouraging. Several of them insinuated that I shouldn't bother buying any magazine subscriptions. But, miraculously, my PSA began to drop. It dropped drastically in the first month, from 48 to .9, then another drop to .07 in the second month, and another drastic drop to .03 the third month! This is exactly the number doctors wanted me to reach! I am so thankful for Kathy's guidance, advice and NDP treatments. We now have hope and encouragement, and without the changes in our lifestyle, I do not believe we would have achieved the same results.

I believe Kathy Oddenino is a remarkable woman who helps people heal themselves. She has enormous insight into how the human body works. I'm happy she came into my life when she did."

C.C., Apex, NC

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shifting the Mind into Love

It is time for my last seminar of the year! (The next time we get together for a seminar, our country will have a new president!) This seminar is on Shifting the Mind into Love.

Living our love is an opportunity to see the beauty and magic that lives in every human being. Imagine what our world would be like if we loved ourselves and all other people from the energy of our loving emotions. Once we recognize that our loving emotions far surpass our fear emotions, we will find the strength within us to shift from fear to love as our eternal emotions, which we will use to interact with other people. This is vital to our growth because it shows us that we have shifted from our external Dual Soul thinking mind to our internal Dual Soul loving emotions. For our Dual Soul this is a dramatic shift in our energy that controls our daily behaviors in our relationships. This negotiates our Dual Soul change from the external focus of "sex" (matter) to the internal focus of love (energy). Learning how to live our loving emotions is a major change for us as human beings, and it is vital to changing our concept of self and to understanding the trinity of our brain and the Dual Soul that we are living.

This change is is desperately needed in our world today, and we are each responsible for creating positive or negative energy in the world. Once we stabilize our internal love, we begin to recognize the value of our relationships as human beings, which keeps us from fighting wars on any level. Visit my web site for more info. on the seminar.

Monday, October 6, 2008

NDP and Glaucoma

I have thought about this many times with much gratitude for the help that Kathy Oddenino gave me when my eye doctor said I had glaucoma and my right eye was already partially blind.

Kathy told me that she could help me keep from going blind from glaucoma. As I am an avid reader and a strong movie buff, this was music to my ears because the news from the doctor had put me in a panic thinking about the possible loss of eyesight.

I had to accept the possibility of this happening. However, after consulting with Kathy, I felt assured that this could be positively changed.

On several NDP sessions with Kathy, I could feel an immediate effect on my eyes. By having these NDP treatments with Kathy, the progression of the eye disease has been halted.

I can handle all of my daily activities and read as I like. I have been able to avoid more serious problems. I sleep well and feel comforted that Kathy Oddenino has the knowledge and the skill to promote healthy eyes.

Yours truly, Grace Thomas

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pain-Free from 23 years of chronic sciatic problem

A medical doctor gave me until June of 2005 before planning exploratory surgery from chronic pain from the waist down. It had spread and increased in intensity over a year and a half. In April of 2005, with no healing in sight, my husband offered to drive me to Pittsboro for the first time to meet with Kathy. Kathy’s work on the nervous system with NDP and her Spiritual Philosophy, to support the NDP, warded off the impending surgery. Over the next year, Kathy helped me to uncover the cause of the physical, emotional and spiritual problem that stemmed from an accident in 1983. She helped me spiritually and philosophically,too, with other concerns that had been holding my body in fear. In just over a year’s time, I became pain free from 23 years of a chronic sciatic problem that had gone awry and that had expanded into other areas of my nervous system. I have also continued to learn about the way we really are created and have made changes to support this new philosophy. I am beyond grateful to Kathy for all of her loving work with me and to Margaret for her continued loving kindness during this process. Just entering their space in Pittsboro exudes love and integrity. I continually speak of Kathy’s work in hopes that a practitioner will study with Kathy and bring her trademark technique, NDP, along with her Spiritual Philosophy, to the Charlotte area of North Carolina.

Gilda S.

Monday, August 11, 2008

How My Daughter Found Her Way in Life

At twenty-five years old, my daughter Katy was lost. Dyslexia had kept her from performing well in school, and although she had a definite artistic streak, she did not feel any inclination to a definite career. She bounced from job to low-level job, found it hard to concentrate in any class she took, and had concluded that she was a failure.

Then a friend of mine, Katherine Henderson, who runs Market Street Books in Chapel Hill, invited me to bring her to a reading by Kathy Odenino. Kathy could help her, she said.

Fortunately, my older daughter Andrea was in town at the time, and because she has a great interest in alternative medicine, was enthusiastic about going. Katy came along because we both were going. She sat throught with her arms folded and grim look of “what a lot of rubbish” on her face. When Kathy O. had finished, I asked Katy if she would like to meet her. She shook her head decisively, “No way.” So her sister and I got in line to have a book signed, and Katy, not wanting to be left sitting on her own, stood with us.

And then a remarkable thing began to happen. As we came closer to Kathy O., it seemed that an atmosphere of what I can only call love flowed out of her, getting stronger the closer we came. At the same time, Katy seemed to gradually melt, until by the end of the evening, with everyone else gone, we three were deep in conversation with Kathy O. Taking my courage in my hands, I turned to Katy, and asked if she would like to try a treatment session. Nothing to be lost, I told her, and you do not even have to foot the bill. To my amazement, she agreed.

The next week we went down to Kathy O’s delightful office, which is full of warmth and love, and I left Katy there for a two hour session. Coming back, I found a transformed daughter. Her face was open. She was smiling, laughing, delighted with herself. She said, “I feel as though my head has been let out of prison. Now I can think about what I want to do with my life.

On the return drive, I told her that when she got home she should take a yellow pad and pencil, sit down on a chair, and draw a line down the center of the page. On one side she should write all the things she hated to do, on the other all the things she loved. Then, of the things she loved, she should think about how each one might be translated into a career.

I had seen Katy sit on a chair before, and watch TV, or stare blankly at the wall, but I had never in my life seen her sit and think. For two days she sat and thought. She slept and ate, of course, but in between she sat with concentration on her face. One the third day, she came looking for me. “I want to go to the Aveda Beauty School,” she said. “I want to be a cosmetologist.”

I wasted not a minute. Two days later we went to an open house at the Aveda school in Chapel Hill. Katy decided then and there it was for her. Now she is almost through the course, and has done extremely well, with grades in the ninety percent range the entire time. As an added blessing, I have had my own personal beautician and hairdresser for the last year or so, and never have I had better haircuts in my life.

When Katy started at Aveda, her father promised that if she stuck at it and did well, he would send her to take a post-grad course at the WatPo Traditional Medical and Massage School at the Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok. She will head off to Thailand in September, a young woman who has found her way in life because of Kathy Oddenino.

Joanna S.

Friday, August 1, 2008

NDP over Dinner

Listen to this impromptu clip from a Springtime dinner party. Kathy Oddenino explains why Research has always been a "love of her life," and why Neural Depolarization is a very special procedure which shows us why we can heal without harm.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What A Relief - A Way of Life to Be Enjoyed

Dear Carole -

I will always be grateful for your kindness and compassion at my first
session of counseling and neural depolarization. What a relief after years of specialists that only treated me with steroids, painkillers,antidepressants and the continuous push for invasive surgeries. I felt so comfortable telling you about my physical and emotional pains that I have endured in my life and the worst pains of the past eight years.I am amazed at the list of ailments that I suffered with (please note past-tense): fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, ADHD,bulging discs in upper neck and lower back, barometric pressure migraines, seasonal allergies, aching teeth and jaw, chronic ear and sinus infections, and arthritis in my knees, hands and feet. The spiritual tutoring has been instrumental in my understanding that I have the power to heal myself. Thank you for helping me understand that I do not have to live in a world of pain and suffering but I can create a world full of joy and health, peace and love. I appreciate all the nutrition counseling and the resources that you have provided in strengthening my body after 40 years of toxic chemicals.Ten months is a short period of time to heal after years of pain, yet, I realize that this isn't a miracle and you aren't a healer but a compassionate practitioner that is offering a way for life to be enjoyed. Retha P. Deale, MD

Carole Hoffman

Monday, July 21, 2008

Knee Swelling, Talk Therapy, and My Amazing Human Body

In Fall 2004, I began to have some problems with my left knee. There was strain when I walked, weakness during my dance class, and increased swelling. When the discomfort was acute, I treated myself with Ibuprofen or Motrin, which was a blessing because at those times it made the difference between comfortably ambulating or painfully limping and feeling somewhat self-conscious.

Eventually the discomfort graduated to chronic pain, which is when I decided it was time to do something about it. With Kathy's guidance, I arranged a series of Neural Depolarization sessions to take place in late June 2005, to coincide with a week of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation in Pittsboro.

The first two days of the week I worked with Kathy in talk therapy. It was a wonderful two hours each morning. My knee was only a minor point during those sessions. We focused on my life in general and on specific issues that were concerning me. It felt so good to gain some new perspectives on myself, to open up new ways of thinking about pursuing my greatest goals, and over all to renew a sense of hope about making changes in my life. As those two days unfolded, so did my comfort and sense of well-being. I was primed for Neural Depolarization.

On the third morning, we started the NDP. It had been quite awhile since I had been on Kathy's table - a year or two? I wasn't certain what to expect. I just hoped that my body chemistry would respond to her touch and energy, and that my whole body would be stimulated to heal. I especially wanted my knee to get better. I wondered how effective NDP could be with this injury.

Later that afternoon (maybe 3-4 hours after the NDP session), I noticed that the swelling in my knee had subsided. The discomfort that I had felt for months was definitely less. I excitedly shared this development with Kathy and Margaret. What would the next day bring?

On the fourth morning I eagerly jumped onto Kathy's table. Again we did a full two-hour NDP session. It was so relaxing. As the session came to an end and Kathy moved her hands over my back to balance my energy, I felt a strong, distinct electromagnetism extending off my back up toward her hands. It's hard to describe the feeling, but it was like my back was waking up and reaching outward and upward to say hello to life. It was a sensation of aliveness. I hadn't felt anything quite like that before.

That afternoon I could plainly see that the swelling had subsided even more. In tact, I could hardly see it at all, whereas for several months beforehand it had been quite obvious. I felt great, and I had the knowing that NDP was making a significant difference in the way my body was functioning. I was healing, which stirred me because even though I had studied NDP for five years as one of Kathy's students, I had not experienced in my own body such a dramatic change as a result of it. My concept of NDP's potential to bring about change expanded a lot.

On the fifth and last morning of my week, Kathy again worked on me for two hours, giving a good deal of attention to both knees. At the end of the session, she positioned the stepping stool to help me get down. But I remember swinging off the other side of the table like a gymnast! I was full of energy and ready to run.

That night some friends came over for a cook-out and a swim. It was the most enjoyable night I had had in a long time. The warm summer air enveloped me, and I felt happy. There was no swelling in my knee at all; I felt no discomfort or pain. I wanted to tell everyone about this wonderful NDP work and about my week of immersion in healing.

I hope summer vacations in the future will be like this one. Actually, I hope that every day I will live with this same excitement and joy, knowing that my body has all that it needs to heal itself - if my cells are given a chance to balance themselves and gradually detoxify, which is what I feel NDP does. By working directly with my nervous system, NDP helps all of me, all of my cells, function to their fullest capacity.

As I write this, it's been two months since my week with Kathy. My knee has not been swollen even one time since then. I do not have chronic pain anymore, and I rarely have even slight pain.

But I have a lot of work to keep it this way and continue improving. I think it would be smart to do some strengthening exercises, and avoid old patterns like crossing my legs all the time at my desk job, and wearing heels. Moreover, I would like to keep up with the NDP. I can do it on myself, too. But going for regular visits would be good. After all, there's no such thing as too balanced or too healthy.

I also want to learn more about my amazing human body. The idea that I am designed as a self-healing organism feels like a powerful thought to me. It' sa lot of responsibility to stay healthy and strong. But it's a lot of fun, too. That's why I'm looking forward to next summer and (if I'm lucky) to another week of healing in Pittsboro.

Linda Bruce

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My latest CT scan last Saturday showed absolutely no sign of cancer.

I have been struggling with angio-sarcoma (cancer of the blood vessels) for nearly four years, during which time I have spent over two years flat on my back in Duke Hospital, had 36 surgeries (six of them major) culminating in the removal of my left leg (a hemipelvectormy), received over 100 blood transfusions, had chemotherapy for six months (one of the chemo drugs causing heart problems necessitating minor heart surgery - a pericardial window), experienced weeks of temporary insanity caused by drug overdoses, and had more near-death experiences than I can recall.

Before starting NDP with Raewyn Cooper, I was also receiving weekly acupuncture, chi kung, Thai massage, and any number of other types of energy medicine. I was on a vegetarian diet, meditated daily, and took medicinal doses of several supplements. I had managed to stay alive six months longer than the maximum time given me by my oncologist, but as of last April, still had metastatic stage four cancer in my right lung. Since then, the only thing I've added to my regimen is NDP.

My latest CT scan last Saturday showed absolutely no sign of cancer. My doctor was totally puzzled. This wasn't supposed to happen. But to me it was perfectly obvious that NDP had played the pivotal role in getting rid of my cancer, at least for the time being. I personally think it's gone for the rest of my long and natural life, as long as I stay on a healthy diet, keep a positive mental attitude, and get regular treatments by Rae. I can't thank her (and Kathy and the entire NDP community) enough. I feel like I've been given a new lease on life, and I intend to make the most positive use of it that I possibly can.

With great love,

Bob Russell

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Raising My Challenging Ego Child

Kathy, Thank you so much for the education and experiences that you provided for us during our last IMS Retreat. Although I have not been following your structured learning path of writing and book reports, I have been journaling, listening to the tapes made during our counseling sessions, and faithfully studying your text book, "Journey Home," the newsletter, and the seminar/retreat handouts. Most of all, I have been making a conscientious effort to speak and behave according to my loving emotions, and not my ego.

I have said this before, and I will say it again, "bringing up my ego is the most challenging child to raise that I have ever encountered." I have heard you speak many times about our immature soul and our transformation into our loving mature soul, but I failed to connect the dots. I spent time learning how to distinguish my ego voice from that of my wise soul, and from the inspiration of my higher spirit. The rationale of my ego was very clever, deceitful, and knew how to trigger my fear beliefs. I now live each day with considerable calm, more courage, happiness, joy, and excitement. It is great having fun, and watching other people respond to my changed attitude in a positive and magnetic way. I have more clarity of the difference between living from the immature soul compared to living and thinking from the loving emotions. The result that it provides in everyday life is dramatic. Then again my whole life has been very dramatic. My spiritual sight has helped me to see myself. Some of my ego behavior has been stuck using emotions and tactics of a 7-year-old. Yuk.

I also observed the anger that I feel whenever my ego realizes that I have been functioning in a healthy, happy, harmonious, and mostly predictable manner. I still find myself being challenged by sickness, but it is a totally difference experience now. First of all, I no longer fear that I will die from some dread complication of the current disease. Second, within less than a day's time, I bravely seek the proper help to care for myself without fear of the diagnosis. Thirdly, I adhere to a total healing program without my ego making up rules of care while being in denial of my proper care. Fourthly, I am calmly able to sleep, assured that my rest will help me heal rather than produce ill complications through the night. Lastly, I recover in at least half the time as I used to, and I am experiencing that this attitude works. Yeah! As I reread what I have just written, it sounds so juvenile, but as I wrote earlier in this letter, I am still going through the steps of raising my challenging ego child.

Being able to reestablish a closer bond with my daughter, and to experience the joy of grandparenthood is one of the best things that has occurred to me in the past 25 years. Also, being able to observe and to effect changes in our family's evolution over three generations helps me understand the integral part in the evolution of the universe. My understanding and applications of the philosophy of your Institute filters into all parts of my life. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.


Injured Vertebra and NDP

With Kathy Oddenino's permission I have been encouraging my massage clients to try Neural Depolarization. I have a very successful story to share with them, as I will now share with you.

On Saturday, April 5, 2003, my Mom, Mrs. Kathy O'Dea, fell during a walk with my Dad. She fell on her back and the pain throbbed all through her body. As she was assisted back onto her feet, she was asked if anyone could do anything for her, so she asked for a ride home.

She promptly called me to come over and help her, so I dropped everything and was there in 2 minutes.

I had Mom lie on the sofa with cold pressing on the injured area, and we called the doctor, who advised exactly what we were doing, and if the pain began shooting down the leg, get Mom into the Emergency Room. My Mom did not want to go to the ER, but after several hours, she caved in and I called an ambulance since she could not walk. The pain was not traveling down the leg, but was too intense for her to endure any longer. You see, my Mom can be stubborn sometimes, but now she realized that no matter what she did with her body to make it comfortable, her back was hurting worse than anything she has ever experienced.

At the ER, an X-Ray was taken, which showed a compression fracture of the 2nd lumbar vertebra. They gave her pain medicine and sent her home. The pain meds were not working and my Mom was getting more and more frustrated, so she actually asked me to work on her. "Do anything, Honey, I don't care. Just take this pain away," my Mom pleaded with me.

I could not touch the injured area, so using the knowledge that I have learned from Kathy Oddenino, I began at the base of Mom's skull. Ever so gently, I touched this area. I felt the nerves and the upset that was going on in Mom's lumbar area, and I proceeded to work from her head.

My Mom, being a skeptic before this situation occurred, was quite shocked when she felt the energy of the calming nerves go down her spine. When it reached the injured area, Mom was amazed that her pain left. My Mom is a believer now.

I continued to work with Mom every day for almost three weeks. At the suggestion of her primary care physician, she consulted with a specialist who might be able to perform a new procedure called "vertebra plasty" (watching through an X-Ray machine, the doctor inserts needles into the area he intends to work on, then injects a kind of "cement" that glues the bone together, but also increases its height so that it will not impinge on any nerves). The doctor insisted on an MRI to check the status of the injured vertebra before he performed the procedure to make sure that everything was okay. He was very happy about the amount of healing that had occurred in the area when he saw the results. Now he could perform the procedure. On Thursday, April 24th the doctor performed the vertebra plasty. It was successful, and Mom has had fewer and fewer problems since then. Of course, I still work with her once a week, and she's even able to raise her right arm higher than she has for 31 years (from a radical mastectomy)!

As I have worked on my Mom, I have been able to tell her what I feel that is going on in the area, and she has shared with me that is exactly what she felt. She's flabbergasted, happy, and grateful. She had tried, on one occasion, to have my sister "do what Peggie had done" because she had felt bad about me coming over at 5AM. But everything that my sister did produced no results. So Mom caved in and had her call me. My Mom says that she has no idea of what I am doing, but she feels it, and it feels wonderful. She now gives my business cards out to all of her doctors and her physical therapists.

I am grateful to Kathy Oddenino for the training we are receiving in this amazing and beautiful procedure. I am passionate about it, and I have had successes with many other clients. But my Mom stands out. She was a non-believer before, and that has totally changed.

I love this work, I am passionate about it, and I encourage clients who have a difficult time relaxing to engage in it. It has proven to be more successful than massage therapy, because since the nerves are the "brains of the muscles," once the nerves calm down, the muscles follow suit. You don't need a massage after that, although sometimes I may give a gentle massage to the feet at the end of a session. The clients who have tried Neural Depolarization have found this to be true.

Thank you, Kathy, for all that you are teaching us! I want to learn as much as I possibly can and help people to learn to help themselves through Neural Depolarization.

Peggie O'Dea - Annapolis, Maryland

Low Back Pain and Depression

Bill has two bulging discs in his lower back from an accident at work. He went through INTENSIVE Physical Therapy and then was referred to a Chiropractor for a more AGGRESSIVE treatment. While these were helpful, the treatments left him physically and emotionally drained! Through the "Gentle Healing" of NDP with Linda Frock, NDP leaves Bill reporting, "I feel like jello!" I NEVER thought I would see him be so comfortable. A couple years ago I thought he would need a cane to help him walk!!! He always reports to Linda that he is relaxed, less stressed, very comfortable, PAIN FREE and has an overall feeling of "well being."

I receive my NDP to aid in my process of healing my depression along with reading Kathy Oddenino's book, Depression. Along with Linda's counseling and NDP I am more at peace, less stressed and less agitated.

Another component in honoring NDP and Linda is Bill and I are switching to organic foods and pure water. We are so grateful for this "gentle healing." Thank you, Kathy and Linda!!!!

Neural Depolarization Helped to Heal My Nerves

Earlier this morning I was sharing a quiet moment and cup of coffee with a friend and she made a comment about toes wiggling looked amusing or funny. This simple comment stirred me to remember when I could not open my toes or wiggle them without manual manipulation. I recall looking down at my feet years ago and seeing the muscle wastage and the limpness of digits and thinking they looked like they had been bound for years.

I found this speech I had given years ago now and thought I would air it again. I have written this story many times over the years. I continue to have NDP and am always amazed at the sensations I feel within my energy (nervous system). My gratitude is deep for the power of this therapy and what it has offered me and for what it has offered others.

My story:

Background: (briefly)
I want to tell a little story…a story of healing.
I was 24 years old and traveling through Europe. I had arranged a teaching job in Africa and as such, had to have a cholera injection. The cholera serum was contaminated and a virus began to wreck havoc in my right kidney and nervous system…particularly the peripheral nerves. My first indication that something was amiss was coming through the gym and jumping to touch the rings that were hanging down. My head sent the signal and I felt my body went through the motions but my feet did not leave the floor. I got such a shock, that I tried again and it was obvious the message was not being received by my legs. This began a round of doctors and tests. I had manipulation under anesthetic to no avail, other than to feel sore. I had 8 myliograms in 2 months, which showed no obvious obstruction in the spine. All the time my limbs are getting weaker and I am beginning to lose a lot of weight. It was not long before the numbness began and then the tremors began to become noticeable. Feeding myself was a challenge, as I could not hold a cup in one hand. It became obvious that I could not continue to work.

It was about this time that my mother sensed something amiss with me and said she was flying over from new Zealand to Johannesburg…in south Africa. There was a flurry of writing as I tried to prepare her for my skinny self…and a brief update on what was going on with me. I collected my mother from Jan Smutts airport and from there I went straight into hospital.
It was a teaching hospital in Jo’burg (RSA) where I underwent more tests. There were a lot of suggestions as to what was wrong with me….a lot of labels were bandied about and I was not enthralled with any of them. It was obvious that the myelin sheath was disintegrating. This is what surrounds the nerve. so I ‘settled’ for a label of peripheral neuritis….rather than other more ominous diagnoses. I was told that I might have a couple of years before I would require a wheelchair. I was given a high dose of cortisone.

That was my life 26 years ago.

Over the intervening years I have tried a lot of ‘therapies’ from western medicine, I have been pumped full of cortisone, done physical therapy. I have experienced eastern medicine and I have swallowed potions that made eye of newt and chicken lips looks appetizing. I have tried acupuncture. I have gone through a lot of body work and energy therapies and massage. It was suggested that I sit under and orange blanket and say om.

I have always been conscious of the value of nutrition so that required minor tweaking. I have done visualization and meditation. There is not much I have not tried from mainstream western medical to eastern medical to alternative therapies over the past twenty years.

Enter Kathy Oddenino and the neural depolarization therapy. Let me explain how this has changed my life step by step if I can.

These past four years are the first time in 25 years that I have been able to feel my legs while shaving them. It is the first time I have tried on shoes and been able to feel the fit correctly. It is the first time I have been able to run with confidence that my legs would not give out from under me. It is the first time in a quarter of a century that I have been able to walk bare-footed on a beach and actually feel the texture of the sand move under my feet. It is the first time I have been able to open my toes and wiggle them. This is the power of neural depolarization.

Kathy began to work on my nerves and I could feel the heat and the vibration and the movement of energy going through me. I could hear the snap, and often times feel like a slippery movement occurred as a nerve depolarized and then the surging warmth going through what felt like, frozen nerves. As Kathy began to work on my sciatic nerve I felt nothing initially. Then it began; the pain. A spinning pain. It felt like I was having a root canal done in my leg. My nerve was unwinding.I was in much discomfort over then next few weeks. But…The pain delighted me as I then had confirmation that the nerve was alive…and I was able to feel. It took a month of consistent work to fully depolarize the nervous system and to be able to shave and feel exactly where the razor was on my leg. This was excitement indeed! I have no tremors. I have feeling in my legs and sense the myelin sheath has regenerated. This makes sense as Kathy is using her electromagnetic energy as jumper cables to my nervous system to stimulate growth.

I have used nutrition and knowledge as part of my health regime and the neural depolarization has been the most incredible gift I could have been given….exposed to. The power of this technique is beyond my ability to articulate more than I have done. I am living the healing.

There is not much I have not tried from mainstream western medical to eastern medical to alternative therapies over the past twenty years. The gentle power of neural depolarization work has done more for me than anything else I have been able to find anywhere in the world.

My Stroke, and My Perception of Pain

After my experience of Neural Depolarization some previously inactive muscles were in a lot of pain. The renewed nerve impulses had stimulated the muscles so I could have greater range in my exercising. It has occurred to me lately that I now think differently about pain. In my early childhood I felt a lot of pain due to illnesses. I felt then that pain equated with punishment which I thought of as not necessary, unwanted, and I rebelled. The perception then was "life was painful"! It was not until the occurrence of the stroke two years ago (2000) that my attitude about pain equated with disability and inability and old age or demise, if you will. The nurse/medical perception.

Now, after the joy of being able to move about and exercise despite muscle pain, I finally begin to understand that pain does have its purpose in life. It was My soul and spirit message for me to understand the value of this type of pain which was needed to wake me up internally from my complacency and to change my patterns of choice to respect, honor and value my physical vehicle. Pain was not being done to me as I perceived as a child. It was an internal experience I am choosing to further the growth of my internal cellular consciousness and now I understand it has served its purpose. My spirit senses are there to support me in my growth.

This is a different type pain I experience now. I perceive it as minor discomfort and choose to keep fit as my responsibility and my choice of how I want to live.

Joyce Ann Wilson, R.N.

Healing Fibromyalgia, Sjogren's Syndrome, IBS, and More

After living with dis-ease and disease for many years, actually since childhood, which included a mountain of physical symptoms, I have healed everything. I am referring to healing Fibromyalgia, Sjogren's Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Irritable Bladder, to name a few! And that is only addressing the physical dis-ease and disease issues. My entire life is healing. Discovering the inherent truths of who I really am as a dual soul mind and spirit consciousness, as taught in the Spiritual Philosophy studies as the Science of Life, has provided me with the keys I have searched for all my life. No one has ever taught me that everything I need to know is within me. I have learned that I am in complete command of my life, in every way imaginable, and that means I am also in command of my physical body, because the power of creation is within me. Spiritual Philosophy, as taught by Kathy Oddenino, is the highest level of teaching that our world knows. It does require strength and courage to look at one's self, but I know in my heart each and every nanosecond that I breathe that it is well worth the looking! Creating a life of happiness, health and love, are not things to be fantasized over. They can be a reality in one's life. I am living this reality. I have never felt so complete, or so healthy, so whole, happy, inspired and motivated, passionate about life and creation as I do now.

In my wildest dreams I could have never conceived of such internal, consciousness expansion and all that it (I) could create. Knowledge! It is the knowledge that we all must have in order to create healing. It begins with the mind, it IS the mind. I am one grateful little soul and spirit essence. I am eternally grateful for what these teachings have allowed me to create. It is my wish for all to understand that they, too, have this power of creation within them. I intend to share my experience with all who will listen.

Linda Frock