Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Art of Healing

Since I was a very small infant, I have known that I have the ability to heal the body of most people. Some people want to die because their soul has chosen a new life. Other people have devastating diseases at any age, which turns their life plans into a shambles of thought and fear. When we find ourselves incapable of walking, talking, eating, and living life as we want to live our life, life becomes a problem. Since I was dreadfully sick as a child, I learned the “art of healing” so that I could heal myself. Since that time I have healed many people that were facing the fear of death. Death is not necessarily a bad thing, but if we are young with a head full of ideas and plans for our life, death can feel overwhelming.

As human beings we have a beautiful and fantastic body design that is basically a chemical design that knows itself as energy. Many times in my life I have been asked to help someone that has a disease. I heal by using my internal energy pattern to recreate healthy cells that have been destroyed by disease, surgery, accidents, or some other natural event, such as the dramatic experience of divorce, post-partum depression, the loss of a child or other loved one. (Healing occurs at whatever level is needed through the experience we create to understand the gift of life and healing.) I have healed people of all ages simply by using my energy. I never work on someone that does not want to live. Many people create damage and death events for a lesson of the Soul, and attempting to work against the energy of the Soul is not appropriate. Therefore when I talk to the energy of an individual, I have a normal conversation to satisfy myself that the Soul that is sick truly wants to heal. I am energy, all humans are energy beings. Therefore if I want to help someone put themselves back together, both of our energies must be working for the same purpose and goal.

When I work on someone that is willing to work with me, just about anything can be healed. We can take the healthy cells that the body is producing and through our energy communication, that is by no means physical but a product of the energy of both of us, I can take new cells that the body is producing and transplant those new cells into the area where we need new cells, and they will reproduce themselves and begin the creation of a new organ. This is primarily the only way to grow back a brain, heal a heart, and return the sensory energy in the body to heal itself. Because healing begins with the chemical cellular energy and we are primarily focused in the “physical world,” sometimes we may not be conscious of the healing until the changes show at the level of function that we are open to acknowledging. This is why healing can take time, and we must be patient with ourselves as we begin our healing journey. None of this is unusual for our Spirit Consciousness, but it does require a lot of knowledge from me to reprogram the new cells as I place the cells precisely where they need to be to accomplish what I want to accomplish in my goal of healing.

Recently I have been working on repairing a brain so that it can be used normally for the rest of its long life. I had never attempted such a dramatic repair in my life before. This young woman’s brain suffered intense damage when the surgeons removed a tumor. This healing focus has affected me in a very obsessive compulsive manner, where I have found myself working with the energy of her brain cells for as long as 12 to 18 hours a day and then as I flood the space with the right energy pattern, each cell is energized and begins to recreate itself into a normal state of brain energy. With this situation I can easily see precisely how the brain is repairing itself, one cell at a time, as I transplant new cells from other places in the brain as well. As cells begin to heal, function at every level can improve as our sensory response improves. For example, this young woman’s paralysis is healing as the cells begin to communicate through the healing energy. She can now walk on her own! I have an affinity with her energy field and this makes her energy very responsive to my energy, which is creating a dramatic level of healing that is surprising even me.

I have never seen myself as obsessive compulsive before, but as I transplant each cell and energize it I can see the healing within her body that far exceeds any other healing that I have done. I am watching the brain regrow itself with this energy and I am loving what I see.