Friday, April 8, 2011

Chemical Memories and Our Nervous System

All learning is motion and change. All motion and change are perfection. Perfection is the energy in which we live and evolve. Once we begin to understand the knowledge of how we have learned, we begin to change even more with the knowledge of who we are, which allows us to change how we are now choosing to learn with knowledge by shifting our conscious mind from external thinking to the internal focus of thinking. The knowledge that we are chemical sensory beings, helps us to understand why we remember and how we use our memory in our dual soul evolution. All memories are chemical memories and are there within our conscious mind, emotions, and senses for us to access once we accept who we are. We cannot access loving memories from our subconscious fearful mind. Our fears are all stored in the subconscious mind. Our loving memories are stored in our conscious mind, loving emotions, physical cells, and sensory memory. We will use an accumulation of our memory sources to focus the three-dimensional whole picture within our conscious mind.

In shifting our conscious thinking mind from the external to the internal focus, it is important that we never make ourselves wrong in the journey of our dual soul. We have lived as we have needed to live, to learn what we need to learn, therefore every aspect of our historical past has been valuable because we have learned what we don’t want as well as some aspects of our life that we do want. Life today is far from perfect because of the attitude of the human species. Our focus is intensely directed toward the external technology of science instead of towards our thinking, loving emotions, and feelings about life and other people. Once we can see ourselves as human cells in the body of nature, earth, and the universe, we will be more capable of understanding how we live within our source of spirit consciousness to influence ourselves and everyone else in their individual function. The human species is a whole spirit consciousness acting together as the source and function of our dual soul and spirit in physical life. As we live our multiple lives, we store our memories as chemicals within our Primary Nervous System and all of the other nervous systems that our spirit consciousness is enfolded within.

When we are continuing to live in fear, we should pay attention to how we think and the expectations that we have toward life, other people, and ourselves. If we are consistently waiting for something negative to happen to us or the people that we love, then we are very obviously living in fear, which means that our subconscious ego mind is resisting and denying our loving female emotions and spirit senses. Our fears will swing, to and fro, and our external perception and interpretation of life within every aspect of our physical reality and all of the human species will be influenced, therefore each individual influence will have a dramatic accumulative effect on our physical, mental, emotional, and sensory health and happiness as a human species. These fears have become the source of many spacetime continuums for our dual soul. As we live through each spacetime continuum, we evolve toward the “point of knowledge” where we will have the internal power, strength, and courage to shift into our internal mind focus of spirit consciousness.

Fear that is present within our subconscious mind permeates every aspect of our multi-cellular structure. Fear produces two primary hormones, ACTH and Cortisol, that affect us and our response to the physical experiences of our lives. The production of these hormones is automatic when we are living in fear. When we think in any concept of fear, we produce the hormones without any awareness that we are doing so, but our lack of conscious awareness of what we are doing does not interfere with the damage that we create within our body. When we became addicted to our superstitions and myths as our religious beliefs, we challenge ourselves to have the strength and courage to pull ourselves out of our quagmire of addictive beliefs and behaviors. Now, as a dual soul, we are face to face with our own imaginary ghosts, demons, devils, gods, and evil spirits, and no one but us can pull ourselves out of these imaginings and see the miracle of who we are.

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