Friday, July 23, 2010

“A Story of NDP Healing”

I went for a hearing test and was told by the hearing Doctor, that my hearing test had a pattern to it that may reflect that I have a brain tumor and he would like me to have a MRI done. I informed him that I do not buy into that thought and would not have a MRI of my brain done.

I told him my Spiritual Teacher understands Energy and I would have her check me.

I called Kathy “O” and told her my story. She said come visit with her for two days of NDP but that three days of NDP would be better.  The way Kathy said spend two days but three would be better triggered a knowing from my Soul to commit myself for a three-day stay. I definitely felt the Mind of Wisdom was guiding me. So I went for a visit with Kathy.

The first day of the three day visit was spent talking. Kathy informed me that this was necessary so she could work with my Energy as we talked. My appointment with her was scheduled for 2 hrs. but we talked every bit of 3 hrs. She said I was now ready for the NDP tomorrow.

I showed up at 1:30p on day two of my NDP and after a short conversation Kathy ask me to lie down on her table face down for the NDP. Kathy started with my head and worked her way down my back, at a point on my back she stopped and I could feel that she had sensed something that was out of the ordinary and Kathy asked if I had a recent x-ray. I said no but I had one 1 ½ yrs. ago and that the x-ray showed scarring of my right lung due to numerous blood clot damage when I had a knee operation about 4 yrs. ago. My lungs were tested for damage and I had a oxygen level of 92% which was OK but I was barely in the OK limits.

Kathy worked with pulling out the negative energy of the scarred area. I could plainly feel the energy of her hands as she worked on the scarred lung. I could actually feel Kathy’s energy become more intense. My breathing all of the sudden became easy. I told Kathy “ I am“ feeling a freedom as I take each breath. I began to cry because it felt so beautiful what was taking place. I told Kathy I never doubted the value of NDP but this was a verification for me how wondrous this is and still is.

I can take deep breaths now and my breathing feels comfortable---- where as before I felt labored breathing but I did not realize I was breathing so labored until Kathy removed the lung scarring and I felt a freedom. I asked Kathy about a tumor and she said tumors show up as a cold energy and there was no cold energy. Kathy worked on me from 1:30p until after 5p. After the session Kathy & Margaret both said I looked 20 yrs. younger -- Yes, I felt 20 yrs. younger and when I looked in the mirror I was beaming.

Day three of NDP started at 1:30p. It was scheduled for 2 hrs.but didn’t end until after 5p. When I came to see Kathy I was dealing with a lot of depression. We talked for a short time and Kathy started the face down NDP. Starting again with my head down to my toes. Kathy was at this point of just getting rid of the remaining negative energy. I could feel her hands on my back making circular motions and grasping the negative energy and pulling it out. She spent extra time on my left shoulder because it was a little larger that the right. I told Kathy a bicep ligament snapped 6 years ago and rolled up into the shoulder
When Kathy finished -- my body felt clean again and my energy felt balanced and“I am“ breathing free.

Thank You Kathy,

Bill Martin

P.S. The veil of depression has lifted.. 
NDP 7/13 thru 7/15/10.

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