Thursday, August 12, 2010

Raleigh Healthy Living Examiner Article

A Jewel of Healing Right Here in the Triangle by Carole Hoffman

A life well lived, is a life worth noting. One such life is that of the Triangle's own, Kathy Oddenino, RN., a remarkable woman who has devoted her entire life to health; the healing of others and herself. Having experienced severe illness and pain at a very young age, Kathy learned, through her own intuition, how to heal herself of her disease and her extreme pain. She was able to heal her rheumatic fever and the resulting rheumatoid arthritis, and many years later, as a student nurse, she healed hepatitis B, which she was told was “incurable”. This developed in Kathy a strong desire to help others in much the same way, and she directed her desire toward the field of nursing. Follow the link to read the rest!

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